Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chop Sticks - AKA magic eating device

Trainer chopsticks are like magic.

A few weeks ago I made a trip to T&T Supermarket to pick up some clementines so I could can them. While there, I saw these great trainer chopsticks made out of bamboo - they are basically regular chopsticks with a clip at the top; since I had been looking for some non-plastic trainer chopsticks I picked them up at a whopping price of 2.99$.

Since we have had them, I think C monster has eaten clementines, almonds, raisins, noodles, cake and many other things with them. This is actually how we got him to re-taste clementines after he had taken a 3 week break from wanting to eat them.

Chopsticks may not be the answer to all your toddler eating challenges, but toddlers learn through play. For a non-chopstick household, adding a pair of chopsticks to meal time turn breakfast, lunch or supper into a game.

Just another trick to try with your picky eater.

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