Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Perfect Boiled Egg

The C monster just loves boiled eggs, we finally figured out the perfect cooking time for them.  First of all older eggs peel easier then fresh eggs but you can make a boiled egg with both fresh and older eggs. - but not so old that the eggs have spoiled.

I let the monster pick his eggs and gently place them in a pot then he covers his own eggs with water and places the pot on the stove (stove is still turned off).  I them turn on the stove to medium high and bring the pot of water with the eggs to a boil.  Leave it boil for one minute; then cover and remove from heat.

Now you let them sit for a minimum of 12 minutes.  Often I make my eggs in the morning and leave them there till snack or lunch.

Once you are ready to eat them run them under cold water for a few minutes, they will be easier to peel.  Once peeled let your little monster cut them with an egg cutter.  We have the president choice one and just love it.

Voila your 3 year has now helped you cook their own perfect eggs, I find the Monster is more likely to try something if he took part in the cooking.

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