Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Variety is the Key

One of the things we noticed is C Monster is more likely to try something new if it looks like something he is used to.

For example, we can almost always get him to try any white coloured cheese as he knows he likes cheese.

We can get him to try almost any kind of yogurt as he like yogurt.

We can get him to try almost any kind of crackers.

He likes fries so if I cut other things in fry shapes and cook them like fries; he will try them.

He likes rice so I can get him to try other things that look like rice such as quinoa, wheat berries, orzo and barley.

He likes eggs so we got him quail eggs. - I think he like quail eggs even more then chicken eggs.

He does not always love the item we trick him in trying but at least he is trying them and the key to developing a toddlers palate is to get them to taste more and more things.

To get him to eat something new we often tell him it's what he is used to and then after he has had it a few times we would say this kind of rice is called quinoa or that flavour of yogurt is raspberry. If he has already had the item 2 or 3 times he no longer cares that it was not what he though it was he just knows he likes it.

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